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Dale Hill Captain’s Meeting
Friday 28th November 2019
Present: Carl Rundgren (CR), John Tolliday (JT), Neil Durrant (ND), Neal Jones (NJ), Margaret Cudmore (MC), Louise Simmons (LS), Tony Shrimpling (TS), John Taylor (JTA)
Apologies: Tony Shrimpling
Previous Minutes: Accepted
Outstanding Items from last meeting:
• Captains Photos- new inserts in and did not fit photos, new sample now back in and fits, JT will get rest and complete project ASAP. (Action JT)
• Concept and IG integration- JT reported there had been some issues (Action: JT)
• New Bunker sand- ND has put in place on 2nd hole greenside bunker on IWC. CR and JT had played from it and reported positively. Waiting for further feedback.
• Divot Boxes- in place on 9th hole, not a huge amount of change but ND keeping an eye on it.
• Pathway between 12th and 13th holes on Old Course had been completed
• Turkey Trott- JT reported the competition would be the same as previous years, look to maybe change format for next year. NJ and MC to bring suggestions to JT.
• Tree on 13th Hole- this will need to be brought down at end of winter, ND working on putting a bunker in its place.

1. Pro Shop (JT reporting)
• Membership still at 610, started January at 644.
• Sam now a qualified professional
• Nick left in October and may be back for summer next year.
• Congrats to Ian and Elaine whom made £11k for prostate cancer Uk.
• Champions of Champions- nice to have a room full of people and brilliant for Louis Lewis to have won the event as a junior.
• Captains drive in -well done to all captains for solid strikes
• Children in Need is booked in for 13/11/2020
• Black Friday had been fairly quiet and with so much rain had been a difficult month for golf revenue again and for general member play.

2. Hotel and Golf Club (CR reporting)
• Borehole update- Directors have met and decision is a new borehole will be dug. It is slightly delayed due to weather and other unforeseen circumstance, but looking to mobilise to site early in 2020.
• James McTrusty- CR clarified his position as some questions over what his role is now since his change from F&B manager. He is assisting all departments in the hotel with the aim being an improvement in experience for members and customers as well as taking on more H&S responsibilities.
• Trilby Tour unfortunately not happening in 2020. Sponsor not found so could not afford to go forward with the event.
• Finalising menus for matches with Lloyd currently.
• Staff vs Members next week, good luck to the members.
• Festive Friday Golf day on the IWC on 27th December, members welcome to join in on this day.
• Thank you to JTA for helping with auction at Children in Need and to NJ for prizegiving. A brilliant day with lots of money raised.
• Captains drive in, sorry could not be there but well done to all involved for such tremendous tee shots.
• Newsletter- please can everyone get reports to CR and AB week commencing 9th December. Aim to get this out on Friday 13th December.

3. Golf Courses (ND)
• Lots of rain, 430 mm of rain last 10 weeks, courses holding up ok but walk on walk off areas struggling in certain areas. IWC fairways wet and greens dry but opposite on Old course with fairways dry and green wet. Too wet to get machines out cutting so all areas lying very long.
• With all the rain there has not been a lot of golf so not much damage currently.
• Time of year currently which is bad for disease. Brushing greens regularly and rain has helped keep dew off then greens.
• In 2018 fairways were dry and thin going into winter whereas this year grass is much healthier so fingers crossed course will be in better condition in 2020.
• Project work- drainage in 17th green, 10th green and 4th fairway on the IWC, tree work completed on 2nd hole on the IWC, Right hand side on the 15th on the Old Course, trees in ditches on 9th and 11th holes of IWC had been removed.
• Big job is pumping bunkers, took 4 and a half hours to pump the bunkers on the 1st hole on the IWC. Another large job is leaf blowing which is continuous at this time of year.
• Upcoming projects- thinning out trees on RHS of the first hole on the IWC to provide light and air to the fairway. 7th hole on Old Course replace steps, 16th hole old course replace steps. Deep time IWC greens.
• Leatherjacket spray had gone down on all tees and greens as well as 18th fairway on the Old Course, and 1, 2, 3, 4 and 18th on the IWC. 17th,11th 13th and 14th had all been scarified and top dressed, and all other fairways had been replaced.

4. Upcoming Members Events
• Staff vs Members on 5th December
• Festive Friday on 27th December
• Trilby tour would be on TV on Monday 16th December, CR asked NJ if he would like to get some members down to Spike Bar. Discuss in more detail closer to the date.

5. Members Fund
• CR presented all present with a balance sheet of income to 31 August 2019 showing a positive balance of a little under £1000. Honours boards still to come off this balance so it would fall into a negative balance but would build up again during the course of 2020.
• Trophies had gone to engravers.
• JT asked for any feedback on this years prizes, all agreed Gin glasses had been useful and well received.

6. Captains Reports
Ladies section (MC)
• Annual review meeting had gone well. Main change being medal winner going to an OOM format and more medals in the diary for next year to accommodate this.
• Handicap limits of 36 for trophies and drawn comps would be 21 and above and 20 and under.
• Changes being implemented to signing up for team competitions.
• Pop up events- MC to discuss further with CR this as a new idea.
• Trying to encourage more socialising, CR had an idea which he would discuss with MC after meeting.
• Members booklet being finalised and this can be given to new members to explain the ladies section better.
• Jane Reader- is treasurer as Alison Hall is Vice Captain.
Men’s Section (NJ)
• Not many competitions currently
• Meeting next week with various captains to discuss teams and communication for next year. Better communication is the main aim overall.
• Stuart Fowlie had completed a booklet with various marches explaining what they are and their formats.
• Diary being collected on 12th December available from 13th December.

7. Juniors (LS)
• Membership steady at 34.
• Participation had also been steady but moving to 10 hole comps for the winter.
• Hosted Littlestone in a match best 3 of 5 scores, won the match
• Rising stars going well, nice to see these juniors out on the course.
• Many of the junior boys playing with adults and congrats to Louis Lewis for winning Champions of Champions against all the adults.
• Ella Keary looking at PQSA for 2021- need to get her handicap down.
• Downland League is now sorted with 5 clubs confirming and dates on the notice board.
• 12 signed up for Xmas party. Parent and Child greensome on 30 December
• British Junior golf tour at Dale Hill had been selling well.

8. Seniors (TS)
• The main season is now behind us with all major Summer comps now completed. Our two Winter comps are now underway- Winter League & Winter Eclectic. Both are behind schedule due to the wet weather over the last few weeks. We are hopeful though of catching up before the end of the year.
• The inclement weather which has resulted in a number of our Tuesday comps being cancelled has spurred us to arrange an additional comp on 17 Dec. And we will probably arrange another for 31 Dec.
• The last main event of the calendar year is the Seniors/TAMs Christmas lunch on 11 Dec, where numbers are currently about 10% down on last year. This is principally due to holidays and other prior commitments of Seniors who would normally attend. We are still hopeful of getting a few more sign ups before the event. We are pleased that the menu choices are better than last year with only a modest increase in price.
• Roger Bassett, after 16 years on the Committee- 12 as Treasurer- will be retiring from Committee at the end of the year. John Howell is moving across as our new Treasurer and with Clive Roberts joining us as a new Committee member.
• Next year’s diary has been finalised and everything is now in place for what we believe will be another enjoyable and successful year in 2020.
9. AOB
• Rainbow shield replayed- Patrick and Louis Lewis were victorious.
• Handicap meeting taking place 12th December- 10.30 am time agreed
• New officer in charge of England golf- JT meeting with him
• World handicap meeting on 13th February, with changes going ahead in November 2020.
Next Captains meeting
Minutes Taken by: Carl Rundgren

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