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Dale Hill Captain’s Meeting

Wednesday 21st October 2020

Present:  Carl Rundgren (CR), John Tolliday (JT), Neal Jones (NJ), Margaret Cudmore (MC), Louise Simmons (LS), Tony Shrimpling (TS),

Apologies: Neil Durrant

Previous Minutes: Accepted

Outstanding Items from last meeting:

  • Borehole now completed, still awaiting licence.
  • Woman in golf charter- no further, work on this through the winter. MC said she would be happy to lead on this.
  • 13th tree- discussion and decision to leave and no replacement tree or anything else.
  • Competitions fees for ladies going via Readers reader is going well, Seniors still working via Bank Transfer.
  • World handicapping system- JT to complete a full review later in meeting.

1. Pro Shop (JT reporting)

  •  Membership= 695, a strong year for membership with over 200 new members joining and overall growth of 130 people which includes drop outs from subs renewal and some people not being able to afford membership anymore.  
  • Subs renewal had gone well
  • Loraine back two days per week, been a big help
  • Currently catching up with a backlog of work and jobs.
  • Champions of Champions would be taking place at back end of month. Trophies to be something useful. JT to come back with ideas to captains. No official presentation dinner. CR suggested soup and sausage rolls on the course halfway round which everyone agreed would be good. Cost to go to members fund.
  • Members diary, getting there now and nearly complete. Actual paper diaries are not available so everything would go online.
  • Children in need- planned for November, again different to normal but great that there was so much support thus far. Planned for Friday 13th November.
  • World handicapping system- problems with touch screen in corridor. IT company looking at this, and without this inputting scores may be more difficult. Dale Hill had indexes for both courses and some problems with handicap indexes which are being worked through. All looking to be launched on the 2nd November.

 2. Hotel and Golf Club (CR reporting)

  • Busy hotel now after a slow start in July, exceeded expectations
  • Younger categories of membership had grown most of all categories, nice to see them out enjoying the golf course.
  • COVID report- most people complying with requests and advice but some golf breaks groups need reminding of social distancing and rule of six from time to time.
  • Staff wise- Lili had taken up a caretaker supervisor position in housekeeping, a new sous chef, Richard had started last week
  • Members dining evenings would be started in November, private room with up to 24 covers served on the evening. CR would send further information out. Winter months looking to get sausage rolls and soup out on the golf courses on the weekends. MC and Ts said that this idea may be a good option for ladies and seniors competitions on Mondays and Tuesdays. CR to trial for a week or two and gauge whether worthwhile.
  • Xmas dinners discussion. Can only currently complete tables of 6 in a restaurant setting. All agreed to see how the advice goes as to whether any members functions take place.
  • Further investment into golf course would be completed with lots of works planned for end of autumn including continuation of bunker renovation program.
  • New pins were on order for the Woosnam Course
  • Red, Yellow White flag position, white flags were on order, would start as soon as the flags arrived onsite.
  • Staff v Members match, date would be confirmed to Captains shortly

3. Golf Courses (ND)

Works that have been completed over the last few weeks:


  • Finish drainage, capillary concrete and sand into 7th bunker
  • Verticut & Topdress greens on both courses
  • Weeding pathways, steps, islands and around clubhouse
  • Trimmed the hedge on the driveway
  • Bunkers edged, strimmed and weeded on both courses
  • Hollow core, seed and top dress tees
  • Fertilised Old course Fairway and then seeded bare areas
  • Scarified Fairways on the Ian Woosnam Course
  • Added new drainage to the back of the 3rd and 4th greens IWC
  • Hollowcored and top dressed back of 3rd and 4th greens IWC
  • Gravelband Left hand side of the 4th green on the IWC
  • Completed repair to 17th Green on the Woosnam Course

October has seen a very wet start to the month so current projects are looking at drainage, the following will be completed over the weeks:

  • Gravelband a number of areas to help with draining over the winter, including left hand side of 1st green and 2nd Tee on the Old Course, 17th Green on the Old Course, 17th Fairway on the IWC.
  • Hollow Core and top dress some part of greens to aid drainage including 11th, 13th and 17th greens on the Old Course.

As we move further into Autumn, projects are being planned to include more bunkers being renovated and further drainage being added as long as the weather and conditions allow the work to be completed. There will also be a lot of leaf blowing to be completed.

  • NJ asked if some more sand could be added to the bunkers on 17th Hole on then Ian Woosnam Course and 9th hole on the Old Course both right and left hand bunkers


4. Upcoming Events

  • Champions of Champions- 31st October
  • Children in Need- 13th November
  • Christmas Lunch

 5. Members Fund

  • Currently a £3,5k surplus in the account. Captains agreed to cover the food cost for Champions of Champions. Further thoughts and ideas to be discussed.  

 6. Captains Reports

Ladies section (MC)

  • Board competitions were completed, which was a good effort from everyone
  • Club champs had been very successful with lots of support shown on second day to the players and a very exciting finish.
  • Buddy system for new members in place and being rolled out with other members.
  • New starters out on the tees had been a good idea and MC asked if a starters hut would be invested in as going to winter, CR confirmed looking at various options currently.

Men’s Section (NJ)

  • Competitions completed with record entries and scores which has been great
  • Tee booking system working well, some no shows had been occurring. Discussion over what to do. JT to call the offenders to begin with and then if serial offenders then names to go up on the noticeboard. Members need to cancel times they don’t intend using.
  • Staffing and service in general had been good. Seemed bar service was short of staff at points. CR confirmed that this was due to COVID restrictions and working bubbles. NJ said it might be a good idea for CR to email out to members again to reiterate this point.

7. Juniors (LS)

  • Now at 57 juniors so numbers very positive.
  • Adult junior greensomes numbers were low with only 6 juniors playing currently.
  • Liv Heard was crowned junior champion golfer at club champs
  • Order of merit- Louis pipped Liv to the title by the narrowest of margins via a countback.
  • Rising stars still going strong
  • Parents asking about Junior Lessons. JT and Sam to organise and go out to juniors with what would be arranged.

8. Seniors (TS)

  • Summer competitions had all gone well, awaiting on results of two finals
  • Working on a Proposal that Competition Fees increased to £3 for all competitions. No decisions made yet.
  • Qualifiers had worked well, and looking to complete the qualifier system again for the pairs knockout competitions going forward
  • Diary for 2021 all completed
  • Intel golf for competitions working well, and no reason to go back now.
  • TS asked if CR could arrange for photos of the captains to be moved in the bar as they were behind the coffee machine. CR would arrange.
  • Courses in good nick and online tee booking system working well.


9. Any Other Business

  • John Taylor wanted to thank CR and all the staff fir hard work and getting all members back to golf safely.

Next Captains meeting

  • TBC

Minutes Taken by: Carl Rundgren

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