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Dale Hill Captain’s Meeting

Friday 13th May 2022

Present:  Carl Rundgren (CR), John Tolliday (JT), Neil Durrant (ND), Stuart Fowlie (SF), Alison Hall (AH), Stuart Fowlie (SF), Barry Chaloner (BC) John Taylor (PRES)

Apologies: Louise Simmons

Previous Minutes: Accepted and posted onto IG

 Pro Shop (JT reporting)

  •  Membership number- 768
  • Ladies list created by Loraine over all categories, JT will send across to AH
  • Membership fees have increased from 1 April and are now available for all members to view on the Dale Hill website. These prices are what will be charged come subs renewal in July.
  • Loraine had Covid over last week- was feeling better
  • Josh- new starter- PGA pro- settled in well, very good member of staff.
  • Buggy shed- recently re-lined and more space between buggies seems to be working.
  • Entries had started coming in for 25th anniversary day on 8th Septembers. Members stableford competition on 11th September.
  • 50th anniversary of the Old Course being planned for 24th May 2023.
  • Junior coaching had gone well recently- including junior academy and Sussex participation.

 Hotel and Golf Club (CR reporting)

  • Hotel occupancy was good, but certainly not as buoyant as last year- cost of living crisis starting to take hold a little possibly.
  • Costs in last few months continue to soar- food, beverage, oil, electricity, chemicals- the whole lot, doing all we can to keep prices as low as possible. CR confirmed that members prices for match meals will stay as it is for the rest of this year so that members can continue to budget for their matches and events.
  • New starters- Head Chef Adam, HR manager Beth and new Assistant F&B manager, Georgie also due to start soon.
  • Lili had been promoted to assistant F&B manager
  • Chefs and Kitchen Porters, still struggling to find staff for these positions.
  • Hot water boiler- agreed an £18k boiler today Given a two to three week lead time. CR to send an update to all members on IG.
  • Freezer requires a major repair, so external freezer in car park until part could be brought in and fitted.
  • AA inspection had been and gone- very good result with Dale Hill achieving 81% score and one rosette for food. The local competitions in the Bell and the Bull both recommended but not awarded a rosette.
  • CR to arrange some support in terms of beer for John smith memorial and 25th anniversary event.

 Golf Courses (ND)

  • Greens- In April grass growing at different rates so can be a little bumpy. Seed heads now in so things will even and grow in now and expect by end of May for it to be where we would want them to be.
  • AH- comment on the sprinkler on the 6th tee being up out the ground being possibly dangerous, she pressed it down with her shoe. ND will ask greenkeepers to keep an eye out but members can help by knocking them down.
  • Looking forward to the proper growth that is ahead with the drill and fill on the 17th, 10th and 3rd greens growing in rapidly.
  • Changed bunker sand in all Old Course bunkers- 180 tons with a cost of over £10k. Consistency now achieved which is what was the aim.
  • Now working on clearing up weeds, flymo and mowing of banks.
  • Managed to scarify and fertilise fairways with a 6 month slow release fertiliser.
  • Repaired all greens on Old Course with Left hand edge of the 4th Green, they have taken well and back to where they should be. 4t green is growing well, but wont be back in this season.
  • Glenn been tidying up the garden around the hotel and clubhouse, they do look very good.
  • Tree has been removed on 10th hole on the IWC and no replacement has been decided on, leave it for this season to see how it plays for the moment. Trees also cleared on edges of 12th fairway and in the pond on the 14th green.
  • Shoe cleaner in place to be moved and grate system installed next week.
  • Left hand side of the 15th green of Old course would be turfed as next project after shoe cleaners.
  • 16th bunker- not enough sand in face- ND would get team to move sand around in that bunker and complete a top up if needed.



Members Fund

  • Updates sent to captains by CR and full accounts to end of year (2021) are now on IG.


Captains Reports

Ladies section (AH)                            

  • Spring meeting went well, altered format with one tee start. Food went down very well.
  • Clark Cup also was an excellent event with great food.
  • Looking at introducing 10 hole competitions…to aid better participation, more information to follow
  • Thank you to ND for cutting pathway between 11th green and 12th tee on the Old Course
  • Would like to get a pathway from firt tee to the fairway on the Old Course as feet get wet with dew.
  • AH asked CR to look at toilet roll holders as toilet paper is getting stuck. CR will investigate with housekeeping manger.

Men’s Section (SF)

Easter Weekend Shotgun Scramble was well attended. Good feedback. The weather was warm which helped in the feel-good factor.

The Masters Medal linking scores of the first two days of The Masters scores with our own Medal competition went down well. Good participation on the day.

The golfing season is well underway.

  • Bryan Rogers has attracted 74 players.
  • Record sign-up for the Hailsham Pairs event. 108 players taking part.
  • Scratch knockout has 30 players signed up.
  • 21 pairs are playing this year’s Chandor Bowl.

Inter-club competitive matches.

  • Susken League completed for 2021/22 with Hever wining the Shield. Dale Hill came in a very close second place. Well done to Kelly and the squad for a good effort.
  • Wellesley – we received a bye in the first round. First match is Saturday 14th May away at Ifield Golf Club.
  • Birchwood – we suffered a heavy defeat at Seaford Head in tricky conditions. We now move to compete for Birchood Plate competition.
  • Cyril Blake – A resounding 4-0 win for Dale Hill (current champions) against Worthing (last year’s semi-finalists). This was an outstanding result. Next match is at home against Holtye.
  • Invicta League (Premier Division). This competition is underway. Dale Hill have played 2 matches so far and achieved 14 points, 2 points behind Nizels in second place and 5 points behind West Malling who have played 3 matches.
  • SLOGGs – the first match of eight scheduled Dale Hill matches was played at Copthorne. Tough opposition. All the games were close, but Copthorne came away 4-1 winners. Our second match was played on Monday 9th May against East Brighton and we secured 3 ½ - 1 ½ win. Dale Hill are currently in first place, having played a game more than Copthorne who are in a strong second place.
  • East Sussex League – This competition has commenced with one match played by each club. Dale Hill are currently 4th out of 8 teams.
  • Four Hills Trophy – a promising start for Dale Hill. We currently lead the table with 287 stableford points, Westerham 278, Reigate 270 and Kings Hill 262. Three more matches are to be played.

Some Upcoming competitions:

  • Captains Charity Day (18th May) – sign up is full. 96 players taking part. Thanks to everyone who is supporting. We have one team looking for a 4th player and another seeking 2 more players.
  • Greenkeepers Revenge (26th May) – first outing. Greenkeepers and Staff are entering teams. Should be a fun event. One tee time is remaining. 40 players have signed up to play.
  • John Smiths Memorial (29th May) – we are running a hog roast on the day, supported by the Members Fund. If successful will look to repeat for the Members Day on 11th September.
  • Top Dog – Order of Merit - ongoing. This Board Competition has a long way to run. 7 qualifying competitions have been played and 131 players are included so far. Richard Bevan is leading the table with 547 points, Ray Akehurst is in second place on 495 points. The table is shown on Intelligent Golf, go to – Competitions – Ongoing – Top Dog 2022

Juniors (LS)

  • Junior participation: Participation hasn’t really picked up since last report.  OOM competitions have only received 3 entrants per event, and all other stablefords between these competitions have been cancelled. 
  • Mini competitions still drawing a good number - Mya Goode has gained the furthest distance round the Old Course with her 30 shots.
  • An exception to the above was: juniors v Men’s Team….I signed up 8 juniors to play against a very strong men’s team - and with good matching of our pairings, the juniors came out triumphant.  A hugely successful fixture - enjoyed by juniors and seniors alike!!  I am always thankful for the support of Dale Hill members in these events, and to Bill Milford for organising the mens’ team.
  • Golf Foundation GolfSixes-West Kent League GolfSixes: the following venues have been confirmed: Hever castle, Tonbridge, Piltdown, Lamberhurst and Dale Hill.

Golf foundation have suggested 8 competitions - dates have been offered and confirmed so far for 6 events.

  • I am just sorting the Team to be invited (12 juniors sign up - 6 play each event) - currently liaising with JT and Sam….in the hope we can get a number of our newer and younger juniors from group coaching involved.
  • OOM Update- 2 events held - only 3 juniors in each event. Louis Lewis and Ryan Watkins currently tied in first position
  • New juniors- I have marked two handicap cards now for new junior, Seb Littlestone.  Both he and his father are keen to get involved in club competitions when they both complete their 3 cards.
  • BJGT- I enjoyed witnessing another group of talented and enthusiastic juniors at Dale Hill.  The weather was atrocious but spirits remained high, and all the juniors gave of their best, and enjoyed the experience.  We still witnessed some great scores on the day…..and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
  • Andy Beer - county event at Copthorne- Ryan, Paddy and Louis represented Dale Hill….we didn’t come in the team prizes, but both Ryan and Louis produced very decent scores.  Everyone present enjoyed the experience.
  • Downland League – Eastbourne- First event of the league.  Only managed to get a team of 3, with Louis and Paddy pulling out close to the event.  Ryan, Jake and Ned represented DH, with Ryan coming in second overall with 37 points. We are hosting the second event on 1st June….I’m hoping for a full team of five !!!!!
  • Junior Survey- Only 4 replies….I have collated the information, but there’s not enough to take any action.  Will reconsider action in the autumn. CR has offered putting out a survey online. JT to discuss with LS
  • Junior organisers in the county- Emma at SCGU is keen to connect all junior organisers through Sussex clubs again….a whattsapp group has been set up in the hope we can all share ideas….and they hope to reintroduce the Junior organisers’ and professionals’ Support Forum/meeting where further ideas and issues can be discussed.
  • County Participation- A number of our girls are involved in this County scheme being held at 3 venues across Sussex.  JT and I ran the first event at DH last month and were delighted to host such an enthusiastic group of girls from local clubs, a number of them showing great potential.


Seniors (TS)

  • Numbers on Tuesday events been down on previous years, not sure whether this is a trend or just an early season blip.
  • Good feedback from a number of participants from the Clark Cup- excellent food.
  • Seniors survey- BC discussed in details, some good ideas to look at implementing. CR commented that majority of respondents were 5 day members and it would have been good to get some more engagement from our 7 day members.
  • CR asked about Shotgun start Seniors competitions happening monthly. BC looking into possibilities but may do a test on one of the team events in the summer.



  • Newsletter- JT asked if Captains wanted to start this up again. The feeling was enough information was going out regularly enough at this stage. To keep it in mind and review later on.
  • JT then asked that news Items are updated regularly on IG so people could read about club news when logging in.
  • LS brought up cost of the 25th Anniversary event on Thursday 8th September. CR explained there was alot of inclusions in the package at cost price but certainly was good value for money and wanted to make clear that no charge was being included for golf. The day includes breakfast, goody bag including refreshments with a retail value of £45, 4 course dinner including wine, some excellent prizes including drivers, putters and wedges from our core suppliers, buggy whilst playing golf, drinks whilst on the course and after golf and then you have the chance of possibly paying with a celebrity, a PGA pro or Leaderboard manager. These inclusions would see a ticket price of £200 or more and Chart Hills has a Pro am coming up which is £300 per person so £100 is excellent value, trying to make the day a very special for those that do play.
  • SF- asked that we keep our founder members in mind for when the 50th anniversary of the Old Course is next year. All agreed. It is going to be a pro-am.  
  • Buggy prices- any further concessions for medical buggy users- CR and JT answered there would be none.


Next Captains meeting

  • TBC

Minutes Taken by: Carl Rundgren

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