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Dale Hill Captain’s Meeting

Friday 20th September 2019

Present:  Carl Rundgren (CR), John Tolliday (JT), Neil Durrant (ND), Ian Pether (IP), Elaine Busby(EB), Louise Simmons (LS), Tony Shrimpling (TS), John Taylor (JTA), Neal Jones (NJ), Margaret Cudmore (MC)

Apologies: None

Previous Minutes: Accepted

Outstanding Items from last meeting:

  • Captains Photos- new inserts on order, frames to go from portrait to landscape and will fit 12 photos rather than 9. Lady Captains photos will have to move as 11 honours boards are required. (Action JT & CR)
  • Concept and IG integration- JT busy with this project, both visitors and members will eb able to book tee times online via two separate portals. Visitors will pay for golf up front via the visitor portal. (Action: JT)
  • New Bunker sand- ND showed all present the sample of sand that would be going into the 2nd Bunker. He would be getting this sand in asap. (Action: ND)
  • Ladies Club Champs- this would be moving to a Sunday Monday format and allowing buggies  with Scratch and Nett winners, with request to have Nett winner at champions of champions agreed by all present.
  • Divot Boxes- ND to source one divot box for 9th hole on the Old course and use this as a trial (Action:ND)
  • Junior meeting had taken place and had been a success.
  • New Real Ale had been put in place and was being received well.
  • Pathway between 12th and 13th holes, still requiring some more work to be done. ND had completed some remedial repairs which had shown noticeable improvements but still more to be one as winter comes in. (Action: ND)

 1. Pro Shop (JT reporting)

  •  Membership number standing at 610, started January at 644 so have lost some through the renewal period but not all due to course issues and only a handful had left due to this. About 10% down on Subs renewal 2018.
  • Sam had worked hard and passes all exams and now waiting to receive qualification.
  • Loraine had been driving force behind golf department and done an amazing job.
  • Both Claire and Nick had served the members very well throughout the golf season
  • 10 hole competitions not worked. CR muted idea of a chicken run format which had worked at his home club in South Africa, was a lot of fun with OOM champion being crowned ‘Most Fowl’. Something to consider for the future.
    Captain pro had been most enjoyable thanks to IP for his company.
  • Played national captain pro which had been a fun day out with IP.
  • 100 holes in July raised over £1k for charity.
  • Junior meeting had gone well thanks to LS.
  • Upcoming major event is the Leaderboard Inter Club Challenge which we are defending champions.

 2. Hotel and Golf Club (CR reporting)

  • CR presented all attendees a presentation of images of the Ian Woosnam Course highlighting work that had been completed. No doubt but this year has been very difficult for the business with all the investment into the golf course. Hopefully next year will be easier.
  • Upcoming events- Abba- 110 booked, only 20 more before being full. Members Quiz on 8th November- get your teams in. Children in Need 15th November- get your teams in. Murder Mystery I am a Celebrity- 23 November
  • Recent Events- Trilby Tour thanks to all members that had volunteered their time as it was very successful and the Open Air Cinema followed which again was very successful.
  • Leaderboard Challenge soon- defending champs, lets bring it home.

3. Golf Courses (ND)

  • Positive comments, nice to hear. Complete fairway refurbishment had been completed on holes 6,8,9,15 and parts of 1 and 18. No thatch on these fairways so hopeful that we will be ok with no leatherjackets in these fairways.
  • Soiled and seeded 18th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th holes with some areas on 3rd and 4th re-turfed.
  • Tees are going to be renovated, they were scorched in July and need scarifying soiling and seeding.
  • Sand graden injection had gone well on the IWC. Old Course not done anything yet, still hopeful to be able to do something but wait and see what weather holds for us in November. If not we will be ok to hold them across for one year.
  • Recently scarified and top dressed fairways on the IWC holes 1,2,3,4,11,13,14,17.
  • Irrigation leak on 13th hole on the Old Course had been fixed.
  • Items outstanding: Fertilize all fairways; Scarify, Soil, Seed and Fertilize tee boxes: Verti drain fairways: Deep time greens and then roll; Replace sand in 2nd Bunker for new sand sand; Fungicide sprayed for autumn disease; Tree work; Earthquake fairways; Repair tee signage and yardage posts

4. Borehole Update

  • Slots cleaned all the way down, camera been down all the way to the bottom. Improved flow up to 4cubic meters per hour but before lining in we had 40 cubic meters an hour.
  • Camera footage seems to have shown failings in the lining. Drilling company have accepted this and now working on next step which is to either drill current borehole out and then drill deeper before putting a new liner or going to a new site somewhere else and starting again with a new hole. More than likely going to be the second option but the Directors are discussing the way forward.

5. Upcoming Members Events

  • Champions Of Champions- all present need to get the members behind this event with hoe that 100 plus will be in the room attending the lunch and being awarded prizes, Champions to be emailed by JT and trophies to be handed out on the day would be useful, all agreed a Gin Glass engraved would go down well.
  • Captains drive In- this would on the same day as a Rugby World cup semi final, past captains are to be supportive of this event. Change timings due to rugby to midday drive in and 12.30 shot gun start. Breakfast would be available in the spike bar.

6. Members Fund

  • CR presented all present with a balance sheet of income to 31 August 2019 showing their a positive balance of £3473.30. No expenses had yet been incurred but these would start to come through now, so next meeting will show these with a running final balance.

7. Captains Reports

Ladies section (EB)

  • Lady Captains day had gone very well, thanks to all for their support.
  • Autumn meeting coming up is the last major competition of the season
  • Division 4 team had gone to semi-finals well done to them.
  • Linda, Georgie and Louise had represented Dale Hill at the president trophy and finished middle of the field.
  • Junior fundraiser would be taking place on 21 October and Juniors vs Ladies on 23 October.

Men’s Section (IP)

  • Wealden Trophy had been won by Dale Hill
  • SLOGGS final had just been played and well done to Steve Williamson for captaining team to victory also to TS for being in one of the winning pairs.
  • ESL had finished mid table. Thanks to Glen for organisation and Jamboree taking place at Dale Hill.
  • Four Hills trophy, need a big win but along way behind Westerham.
  • Invicta League- have Nevill and Redlibbets at home, need two big wins to have a chance of securing the title again. Invicta Jamboree taking place on 13th October, with over 100 players on the IWC. Will be great publicity for the course.
  • Captains day had gone very well, thanks to everyone for their support. Got members playing the Woosie again.
  • Trilby Tour- great to see so much support from the club, IP enjoyed playing at Dale Hill and then the final at Hull. IP and NJ both qualified by finishing Top 10 at Dale Hill. NJ played in the playoff so will feature on the TV show.
  • Team events- members not turning up. If no excuse given then in future members to get warning on 1st Occasion but if pulling out of a second event then to be banned for the next two board competitions. JT to compile an email send to all present and then to go out to members (Action JT).
  • IP asked about flagpoles as some seemed damaged. ND confirmed that these were repaired as they go.

 8. Juniors (LS)

  • 34 members on the books. Aim to get section to 40 members.
  • Downland League- Dale Hill finished last but only three teams involved an good that we could put a team in where other clubs are dropping out due to lack of numbers.
  • Important to keep getting juniors together, for them to play some competitive golf and also to get them to play other courses. Order of Merit- Ela leading currently with junior championships still to take place.
  • Junior Captains Day had been a great success.
  • Junior and adult greenstones had seen 6 juniors entering with NJ and Louis Lewis winning the day.
  • Parents evening had gone well, with main aim being more communication and juniors playing more.
  • LS had been completing a project of rising stars which had gone really well and giving the new juniors confidence. Thanks to Scott Tracey for his help with this.
  • Friendly with Littlestone arranged in the half term.
  • Next year- Dale Hill will be hosting a British junior Golf tour event with 70 juniors competing.
  • Our own junior open had been poorly subscribed to now with only 7 entries hoping for some more
  • LS finalising the junior diary for next year.

 9. Seniors (TS)

  • Numbers on Tuesday through the summer had been very good with some days seeing over 80 seniors playing golf.
  • Friendly matches had seen a win loss ratio of 2:1. Currently working on fixtures for 2020, with possibly some clubs dropping off.
  • TS thanked CR for food over the season this had been much improved and asked CR to let the F&B team know.
  • Chairman’s day had been successful with a prize on every hole.
  • End of season but had Tams Championship and Ian McCalister salver to look forward to.
  • TS thanks JTA for joining a couple of seniors events through the year and was welcome to join more if there was time permitting.
  • Bryan Randall handicap needed adjusting which JT completed.
  • Compliments to Neil, lots of hard work, IWC much improved and Old Course had been in great shape all summer.
  • Compliments also to the Pro shop. TS mentioned that Nick had been a good addition to the team.
  • Suggestions for free range balls and £5 meals were turned down.
  • TS discussed changing title of over 55 chairman to Seniors Captain. All present agreed that this was a good change and CR would send an email to members communicating the change of title. (Action: CR)
  • Lastly delighted for SLOGGS to have won this year, thanks to the supporters whom were at Chartham Park.

10. AOB

  • NJ asked why mixed matches were not being reported. JT does not receive any information but if reports are given he can get onto news section of Intel golf. NJ would discuss with match captains and action this. (Action: NJ)
  • JTA reported he had been very positive with some members and was reporting all progress whenever he was at the club. Would continue to do so moving forward.
  • Tree on 13th hole is dead. ND would be working on this through the winter, it needed removing. Some discussion as to what to put in its place. Further discussion and thoughts on that subject at next meeting. (Action: All)
  • Turkey Trott, feel; is that we need to make some major changes to the competition, change name and possibly do drinks instead of vouchers. All agreed. (Action: JT)
  • Captains sweaters- JT to arrange these. Captains to please see him. TS would join in on Captains Drive in this year so would be a fourball teeing off.
  • JT also mentioned to NJ and MC that if they need sweaters and clothing to please let him know what they needed.
  • Children in Need- donations being accepted for this event for prizes, can the message go out to all and sundry.

Next Captains meeting

  • TBC

Minutes Taken by: Carl Rundgren

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