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Captains meeting March 2019


Present:  Carl Rundgren (CR), John Tolliday (JT), Neil Durrant (ND), Ian Pether (IP), Elaine Busby(EB), Louise Simmons (LS), Tony Shrimpling (TS), John Taylor (JTA)

Apologies: None

Previous Minutes: Accepted

Outstanding Items from last meeting:

·         Captains Photos- these can be moved to new location outside the Spike Bar next to the Ian Woosnam Picture. This will allow more honours boards to be purchased.

·         Turkey Trot- no further thoughts at this stage on how to improve this for 2019.

·         Ladies club champs- Ip and EB been meeting with ladies and all going ahead now on the same weekend as Mens club champs. All present agreed his would be a good event.

·         Toilet on the IWC- this has been given the go ahead for the summer. Greenkeepers will be putting in a concrete base for the toilet to go on. It will be sited

·         LS is following up with Ella if the Whatsapp group has been implemented for the junior section.


1.       Pro Shop (JT reporting)

·          Decent start to the year, in general weather had been very good.

·         During the snow week in February, the changerooms and pro shop corridor were painted.

·         Sam in final year of his qualification, working hard to complete his diploma.

·         Claire is away for a couple of weeks, expect her back at the beginning of April.

·         Advertisement out for Pro shop summer staff member.

·         Order of Merit is replacing Top dog Trophy, based on same principal as the fed ex cup. Members would be receiving 30 points for playing in matches. Agreed that this would be trialled for this year and see how it works and if tweaks need to be made in year 2 then so be it.

·         Girls golf rock planned for May/June

·         Bedes school have approached the club for a coaching program, waiting on confirmation from uplands and possibly getting Marlborough house as well, so busy with getting kids into golf.  andicaps 2020Handkjfujifghduhagfryhfyufha8ifdfdfgbdf uu9iu8iuy6iuHandicap


2.       Hotel and Golf Club (CR reporting)

·         Opera Migration- the hotel management system had migrated to the cloud, some issues with this which affected tills for a few days, but all working now.

·         Trilby Tour- this amateur event which is due to be broadcast to 18 million homes on Freeview TV will be at Dale Hill in august. Currently looking at having a Pre- Qualifier for a member to win a place onto the event. Date TBC.

·         Members fund- this was discussed and all agreed that this would be a positive step for the club. Cost per member would be £10 and levied at subs renewal from 1 July. CR confirmed that golf insurance would be included for all members and would be paid from the members fund so all members are getting something from paying  into the fund the insurance would be valued at £15 per person. Additional funds would then be available for new honours boards and frames, as well as funding other events such as Champions of Champions. Further discussions to take place but in principal this was agreed.

·         Brewery Deal for Leaderboard group- current deal with Heineken was coming to an end. They have not wanted to win the business back and two deals are being considered, one was with Greene King/Molson Coors and the other was Shepherd Neame. No decisions yet and any decision would require rubber stamping from the Board of Directors before going ahead.

·         Concept and Intelligent Golf integration. Currently looking at getting the two systems to interface so that Online tee time booking would become available to members. As soon as more information was available then again further discussions would take place with the captains and the members.


3.       Golf Courses (ND)

·         Up to December everything was going well, then the first signs of leather jacket damage from birds was on the 26th January, with a lot of damage created in a very short space of time.

·         Green are all good, disease free. More chemicals are being taken off the market to combat disease on the greens, we used to use 11 active ingredients it is now down to 3. The disease scarring from winter will grow in now with things warming up.  

·         Bunkers- 18th Greenside would be completed first and then the 2nd and 5th would follow, aim is to complete all in a couple of weeks.

·         Borehole- the drillers have been onsite for about a week, Neil showcased a video of water being found. Good news in that there is water down there. Currently 103 meters down. Going down to 130m. Early signs is good with lot of water already found,

·         IWC Fairways- the IWC would be closed for two days, 2 and 3 April to allow the scarification works to go ahead unhindered for a couple of days. Further course reports would be released with more information about the plan that is in place for the fairways by CR and ND

·         IWC Fairways- discussion about 6th fairway being worst of the lot. Possibly look at creating some drop zone mats off the fairway to allow people to get a good lie for their second shots to the green. All agreed this would be a good idea. CR, JT and ND to look at this in more detail.

·         IWC Fairways- need to look at more cultural works as no chemicals, and use of nemetodes is hit and miss and very expensive. Looking to complete scarifying, top dressing, seeding, hollow coring, slitting and verti draining. Need to make it uncomfortable for the chafer grub to exist. The whole idea is to reduce thatch and make the fairways leaner and stronger.

·         The Old course had not been affected, as no irrigation on these fairway so fairways are leaner, the plant is stronger and the soil type is different as it was a dairy farm originally.

·         The issues we are facing are modern problems, all agreed that more information should be shared on Notice boards for members to read.

·         Other works include- All fairways verti drained, tees on Old Course Scarified and the same works would take place on the Ian Woosnam Course. Slit fairways on both courses. Green on both courses had been fertilized. Needle tined greens on both courses. Tidied gardens around the changerooms and bark chip down.

·         Tree works- a number of trees cleared some down due to high winds recently experienced. Post and roped a number of holes on the IWC. Some walk on area would receive plastic matting to keep the area better through the winter.


4.       Captains Reports

Ladies section (EB)

·         Spring meeting had good sign up.

·         Charity day- 11 teams signed up and aiming for 18 teams, EB suggested that either in future need to find a new date or perhaps involved mend section and make it a Club Charity day. Cr suggested contacting charity that is being supported for them to send details of the event to their data base.

·         Past captains day had gone down very well. The Jane Coleman trophy was on order.

·         Eclectic- decision made to keep sign up book in the pro shop.


Men’s Section (BM)

·         IP had requested JTA there as he wanted to get him more involved in the club. Great to have him there and an open invitation extended by all there to attend future Captains Meetings. Suggestions were for JTA to be part of a TAMS competition, Club Champs, Captains Day and Past Captains Day. JT will discuss with IP and JTA in more detail.

·         10th Green drain- IP asked ND when this was going ahead, it will happen but other projects were more pressing currently.

·         Festive Christmas Day- good day in December and nice to have Steve Backley joining this day.

·         Competitions Boards- JT confirmed that he was arranging the update on these boards.

·         Rules evening- a good success in January.

·         Team event on IWC held recently, introductions were made to Ben (new F&B manager) to the team members. CR confirmed that Ben was looking after the F&B team and still reporting into James, James would still be taking a very active role in service delivery in F&B.

·         Pound for Prostate Cancer- IP discussed with a number of members and the feeling is to increase competition fees to £5 and 31 to go to Captains Charity. CR suggested trialling it for a competition and getting feedback from those playing so as to ascertain that this wont have an adverse affect on numbers participating.

·         IP asked what could be done for Vice Captains in respect of subscriptions. CR confirmed that not much could be done and anything would need to be agreed by the Directors as all clubs in the group offer the same, for Club Captain and Lady Captain only.

·         Some matches and SLOGGS have moved to Old Course, County has not allowed county matches to move. It was agreed that JT would pen a response, highlighting the clubs disappointment in not being allowed to move their matches for Birchwood and Cyril Blake.

·         Discussion over what course works are completed on weekends. ND confirmed that greens would be cut on both courses if there are competitions and matches. But depends on prevailing course conditions at the time of year.


5.       Juniors (LS)

·         30 members in the section, down since last meeting.

·         10 hole competitions and fortnightly coaching have keep interest levels up.

·         Xmas Party and Adult junior greensomes was very enjoyable events.

·         Junior vs Seniors- looking to change format to Junior and senior. TS happy to go with what LS suggest.

·         Knole Park Interclub had been cancelled.

·         Downland League now down to 4 clubs due to participation levels dropping at other clubs.

·         Matt Ford would eb at Dale Hill to have a session with the juniors on the 9th April.

·         LS requires a sponsor for the Order of Merit. IP has said he will speak to Neil Gray.

·         Girls Golf Rocks- this going ahead and using Alana as an ambassador as well as possibly Ella.

·         Matt Warwick- not our England Golf Support officer anymore, but Andy Wright has stepped in to help he is the Golf Foundation Support Officer.

·         Order of Merit to be made up of Summer Cup, Club Champs and a Junior/Adult Greensomes competition.

·         LS not able to complete her Level 2 coaching, restrictions on this have tightened and it is not available anymore.


6.       Seniors (TS)

·         Numbers remained good, some days in winter upwards of 60 people playing.

·         IWC knockout, demand had been low with numbers down by 12.

·         31 friendlies had been arranged for this year. Looking to encourage new members to take part through the friendly matches.Gradually improving our Friendlies fixtures list with better quality Courses coming on board and less popular venues when feasible being dropped. This is a long term process.

·         One issue had been extensions of dates on the winter league, No more extensions is now the rule in force.

·         Courses remained open and playable and in pretty good condition for time of year.

·         TS asked whom he could speak to for Christmas menu. CR suggested speaking with Lloyd the Head Chef as James or Ben would speak to him, cut out the middle men.

·         TS though that some of the flagsticks and ferrules needed replacing. ND confirmed that this was planned to happen in April.

7.       AOB

·         JTA suggested an email should go out from him and the Captains to the members about the course conditions with a positive message that the management team are dealing with the problems proactively.

·         JTA asked if CR could send the minutes from the previous meeting.

·         Newsletter- suggestions that printed copies should be circulated around the building

·         Course reports- print outs of these to go on Bar Tables and notice boards.

·         Further discussions over possibilities of One Big Club Charity day.

Next Captains meetings

·         Friday 21st June at 2pm

Minutes Taken by: Carl Rundgren

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