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Dale Hill Captain’s Meeting

Friday 30th April 2021

Present:  Carl Rundgren (CR), John Tolliday (JT), Neal Jones (NJ), Margaret Cudmore (MC), Tony Shrimpling (TS),

Apologies: Neil Durrant, Louise Simmons

Previous Minutes: Accepted

Outstanding Items from last meeting:

  • Nothing outstanding

 Pro Shop (JT reporting)

  •  Membership= 740
  • Joining fee now being charged to all new members
  • Flexi membership currently full and closed
  • Advertising Partners nearly full, will be on waiting list soon
  • 7 day and 5 day membership will be closed soon as well.
  • Loraine back two days per week from middle of May
  • Sam had been having a good run on club fittings and sales since reopening, a thanks to everyone for their support.
  • MC still happy to offer her time if the Ladies get into golf program is started up again. JT would let her know.

 Hotel and Golf Club (CR reporting)

  • Online tee times seems to be sorted with no issues to report over the last month.
  • Orangery works going along well, expecting to be opening around 1 June. Tour of the orangery completed at end of the meeting
  • 100 Hole challenge for Charity, both Captains Charities will be on 1st July with James Jordan playing to create some more interest.
  • Leaderboard trickshot pro has offered an event at Dale Hill Free of charge, possibly utilise this on a social event.
  • Leaderboard is sponsoring team kit for the Birchwood County Mens team that is representing Dale Hill. Thanks to Paul Gibbons for the sponsorship.
  • First events that are booked in are on 21st June and 22nd June, both invitation days for seniors and ladies are booked to take place.
  • Club matches review- for May they will be rolling starts in fourballs with food after on a rolling basis. Rule of six will apply indoors.
  • 25th Anniversary of the Ian Woosnam course taking place next year in 2022. Working on this currently and have requested for Ian Woosnam to be available to celebrate with us. His PA will be discussing with Ian when he returns back to the UK. Further updates as we go along.
  • Buggy update- 10 of the new fleet will be with us soon, others are held up between the USA and the UK on a boat.
  • COVID testing for staff- we are offering all staff free lateral flow testing with staff urged to take a test minimum of once a week. The take up has been good with results being reported onto the website.

 Golf Courses (ND)

  • Firstly, it is nice to see the golf courses back open over the last couple of months.
  • when we were in lock down 5 of us where in to look after the courses with essential maintenance.
  • Then in March all Green staff came back so we decided to hollow core and sand injection graden the IWC as it was closed and a perfect time to complete this task.
  • Then before we opened, we had to get the courses back into shape ready for opening with getting everything cut after a long-wet winter, get all bunkers pumped weeded pushed up and raked as they had been left for most of the winter. 
  • April has been a very difficult month with only 2 mm of rain so far and very cold and frost nights, so normally this is a month where we get things growing in with sunshine and showers and milder nights but this is just not happening, so with the IWC greens they are taking a bit longer than expected to grown in due to this and areas around the courses from winter damage just are taking longer to grow in, but as last year May was warmer and wetter so this will start to fill in the barer areas. Having said all that, we have had a productive April:
    • Verticut and Top dressed both courses twice.
    • Scarified the IWC fairways 
    • Fertilised IWC fairways 
    • Fertilised collars IWC.
    • Needle tined DHC twice.
    • Hand top Top dressed both courses’ tees. 
    • Hand watering both courses daily
    • Cut back trees left hand side of 17th green IWC to allow more air flow and light to the green.
    • Feed spraying both courses on a weekly basis.
    • Increased rolling greens on both courses.


  • Looking forward to May our department will start to get very busy with the arrival of warmer and hopefully showery weather. 
    • Cutting will increase by another 50%
    • Verticutting and Topdressing greens every 2 weeks both courses.
    • Scarify Tees both courses.
    • Fertilise Tees both courses.
    • Spraying feed on both courses greens every week.
    • Fertilise DHC fairways if they need it (which I think they will just be waiting on rain to see how they recover)
    • Spray wetting agent on greens, tees, IWC fairways on a monthly basis to allow water to penetrate the surface.
    • Flymo/strim and weed bunkers monthly.
    • Weed spray roughs and semi rough areas.
  • Finally a few comments about the bore hole, it is working well and producing around 20 cube a hr, it has been low over the last month for 2 reasons, 1 we have a slight leak and for us to find out where it was I had to drop the pond very low so it appeared we have no water, and over the last weeks we have been using it at night so in the morning it appears very low. But I am down there every day monitoring the water and it is working very well. 

 Upcoming Events

  • Not much in the pipeline due to COVID currently.

 Members Fund

  • Currently a good surplus in the account. Not much planned as spend, Captains to discuss further what could be used for in the summer. All agreed the mind factor workshop in February was a successful event with members getting online and enjoying the workshop.  

 Captains Reports

Ladies section (MC)

  • All been fine since getting back to golf, competitions had been ongoing.
  • Some issues with inputting scores on the terminal but the ladies were getting there.
  • Buddy system set up for new members and working well
  • MC busy updating contacts list for better communication
  • Diary is looking ok.
  • MC asked CR to keep in mind the Ladies social events, CR assured her this would be looked at again, probably towards the end of the season when things look like they may be all ok with regards to COVID.

Men’s Section (NJ)

  • External match this weekend at home in the four hills on the Woosnam course.
  • Played against Nizels at Nizels in Invicta and lost 3 to 2/. Good golf played.
  • Birchwood Trophy- 1st round bye- so straight through to 2nd round that is due to be played in June.
  • Cyril Blake team will be playing Piltdown away from home in the 1st round.
  • NJ asked about irrigation and confirmation of the process. NJ asked for CR to include more information on next email to members, CR to send it out in the monthly golf course report.
  • NJ also mentioned tee markers had not been lined up on some tee boxes. ND will discuss with greenstaff as a training point.

 Juniors (LS)

  • Junior membership as of today’s date – 53. Everybody on the list has received an email communication from me since return from Lockdown, along with the updated diary. I only know 19 of the above membership - and 6 of that number are Rising Stars (no handicap).  I would like to see that number grow.
  • Competition entry is minimal and hoping we have a burst of energy and enthusiasm from those in a position to play.  We have had no more than 6 playing any given competition.
  • Order of Merit - Louis Lewis is leading after his clear win on the 10th May.
    • Rising Stars -weekly trips out, with between 2 and 5 attending per session
    • Group Coaching - I am really hoping John/Sam can put their heads together to come up with some form of support - doesn’t have to be every week. JT to discuss further with LS.
    • Downland League - we have organised for a reduced format with each of the 5 clubs hosting a single day with limited numbers from each club....Dale Hill, Royal Eastbourne, Piltdown, royal Ashdown and Haywards Heath.  Gives us a chance to stay connected and opportunity for the juniors to play other clubs still.  No County trophy to play for at the end.
    • County comps - I have been in communication with SCGU re payment/entry to the 2020 Andy Beer team competition at Copthorne.  They are going to run it free this year, and will refund last year’s entry fee.  I will sort a new team
    • Junior Captains Day -  need to put something in place - have requested some possible dates from Paddy/family
    • Louis Lewis has been selected for the Four Hills Interclub trophy competition - it will be a fantastic experience for him and let’s hope the start of many a junior entering the Men’s Team competitions at Dale Hill.
    • I appreciate the new handicap indexes have proved a little unsettling for some, and was grateful for Pro Shop looking into Ryan Watkins new handicap.

 Seniors (TS)

  • Tony requested whether the red tees could be measured for competitions as some of the seniors may like to utilise these tees. JT to look into this further.
  • TS requested if two tee starts would be possible for some Seniors competitions when restrictions are lifted. CR agreed to that proposal as long as it does not interfere with other bookings that are in the tee sheet.
  • Collection of cash a big job, hopefully the return of normal time with money being handled will make things easier but for now the bank transfers are working fine.
  • Invitation Day being held on 22nd June with hopefully a meal in the Dale Hill Suite after golf.
  • TS requested if a guide to the handicap system could be devised. JT would get onto this.
  • Qualifiers for team events had gone well and numbers had been good for competition days
  • Friendly matches not looking that good with some clubs not allowing friendlies to take place
  • Prizes for last year not handed out, may hand some out at invitation day.



Nothing further

Next Captains meeting

  • TBC

Minutes Taken by: Carl Rundgren

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